Hunt with the best


Otis is a high-strung six year-old who has a seasoned HRCH title. With over 4,000 birds under his belt, Otis has the stamina and energy to bring in birds all day everyday.


Harli is a three year old yellow lab trained by Freddy King. She will be going back to Freddy this spring and summer to train and run hunt tests.


A client’s personal favorite! Rio was brought home from a Ducks Unlimited banquet. He is an absolute beast in the field, and makes Josh’s job 10 times easier, and makes him look great. Rio has not been formally trained, and will not run birds with anyone but Josh. He’s been known to retrieve birds up to 500 yards, and once the hunt is over – it is 100% nap time for the big black lab!


Axel, who will be two in May, is from Munuscong Bay Retrievers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.